About Us






In November 1960, Paintearth Lodge was established as an incorporated body under the Municipal District Act and set out to build and operate a lodge facility. The lodge facility began operations in 1963 under the name Paintearth Lodge.


In 1996 the Castor & District Housing Authority was established as a Management Body under the newly revised Alberta Housing Act and took over responsibility for operation of the Paintearth Lodge. In addition to the Lodge, the Authority has taken on responsibility for three seniors self-contained apartment buildings and some family housing units.


Our Vision, Mission, Values


A leading Management Body seeking continuous improvement in the quality of its facilities, services, and supports to Seniors requiring our expertise.



The Castor and District Housing Authority will promote, develop, provide and manage affordable housing that encourages a high quality of life for Senior Citizens who are functionally independent, and live in the Castor Manors or Paintearth Lodge; to provide affordable and appropriate housing for low income individuals.



We Value Compassion. 
We believe that all individuals have the right to be treated in a caring manner.

We Value Fairness and Equity. 
We believe that all individuals should be treated on the basis of their situation without discrimination or prejudice.

We Value People.
We believe in the intrinsic value, dignity, safety and uniqueness of each individual.

We Value Community. 
We believe that we are interdependent with each other and our environment and that together we can achieve greater impact in the context of the common good of the community.

We Value Self Determination. 
We believe that people have the right and capacity to make decisions and take action in their own interest in order to adapt to their environment.

We Value Well Being. 
We believe that well-being encompasses all aspects of physical, mental, spiritual, and social life.

We Value Integrity. 
We believe in an open and honest approach and accountability that strengthens relationships between Residents, Stakeholders, and CDHA.


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